A .NET 3.5 Build

I cringe just asking, but since the VS2010 upgrade was a disaster for us, we’re waiting until about '11 SP 1 before trying it again… Is there the remotest possibility of having a 3.5 build of the profiler made available?

Here is the old google code issue history:

Please support .NET v3.5

The two parts that require actual effort are:

There are two available implementations in the wings:

Please ignore my fork - I never did anything after this comment:

This is a .Net 3.5/MVC2 fork of MVC Mini Profiler.
So far, it compiles, but is untested.

FYI, I took a fresh copy of the trunk last Friday (Sept 6 2013) and created a .NET 3.5 fork. I’ve been testing it out with a 3.5 Webforms project I’m supporting, and it seems to work well.

I skipped most of the MVC stuff, because that is not 3.5-friendly. Sure, I could have tried to port that to and older MVC, but that would be a much larger undertaking I really needed it for Webforms (I can’t test it in a real app that I’m supporting, I don’t want to claim to have done it :))

Anyhow, I’m not going to submit it back as a pull request, but it would really just make the trunk ugly, and this is just a hack until all of the 3.5 stuff finally dies. Sure that will be years, but I wouldn’t want to clutter up the trunk with all of those legacy compiler switches and custom implementations of Guid.TryParse etc.

I tried to minimize the changes to the structure of the code, and wrap everything in compiler switches, so hopefully it will be easy to pull the latest trunk changes moving forward.

I also put a copy of the latest build out on NuGet, and I’ve been using that NuGet version in my testing.

If you see any issues, let me know at @mooneydev.

Mike Mooney

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.NET 3.5 support: https://github.com/SamSaffron/MiniProfiler/pull/94