Can I collect / forward metrics to another service

I’m curious if there are any built-in ways to take the metrics that are collected from MiniProfiler (especially in production) and forward them to another service such as StatsD. I’m curious to see how these things stack up over time. Especially once we start to put in custom counts or timings.

It would be great if this was somehow integrated because we’re looking at add counters and timers to report into StatsD but I’d also like to see them visually within MiniP. We can obviously create something within ruby that wraps both of them but of course it would be great if I could just plug into what MiniP is already giving us.


I was actually experimenting with this, there is no built in way at the moment.


That would an awesome add on, i am available to help with it.

For this to work, it seems the ruby have to better understand the data.

I’m looking into what it would take to produce a ui in ruby. From there, I feel the view can be used as an example of extracting the values to post to a service.

Has anyone already made some progress with this?

Nope I don’t think anyone took this project on yet