Can I limit the number of timings stored by MiniProfiler (for .NET)?


Duplicating a unanswered question from StackOverflow in the hope that it might get an answer here:

I’m using MiniProfiler in a .NET core app to time various stages in a 30 FPS video pipeline. This is a long-running executable, and memory used for Timing instances seems to grow without limit – unsurprisingly since a new Timing instance is created each time Step() is called.

In total about 2 GB of memory was consumed by MiniProfiler objects in one long test.

Is there any way to limit the number of Timings recorded, and say keep only the last N?

Failing that, I wonder how folks are able to use MiniProfiler in production; is there another way to avoid this issue? Or is it simply not targeted at use-cases like this (with perhaps 150 timings recorded per second)?

Thanks in advance!