Different versions of MiniProfiler depending on NuGet package causes conflicts

Hey all,

I’m new to MiniProfiler and had problems getting it to work in my n-tier mvc app. It looks like there’s a dependency version issue with the NuGet packages so I thought I’d mention it here. Apologies if it’s already been raised.

I had to get two NuGet packages, one for my MVC project and one for my DAL project. The DAL project used version of the MiniProfiler binary and the web-app used an older version. This caused a conflict and meant the older version went into the bin folder on build.

Only after manually removing the MVC reference and pointing it to the DAL project one did I get the in the bin folder and then get Linq2Sql results as expected.

Might want to check out the NuGet versions. I assume there’s two versions of NuGet, one for MVC projects and one for class libraries. They have different versions if so.