Hosting MiniProfiler Dashboard - Free Trial

Hi Guys,

I am a user of MVC MiniProfiler and really like its simplicity and easy to use. But I always wanted to display the data in realtime like a dashboard. These days, I build a prototype for MVC MiniProfiler Dashboard and would like to see the possibility of provide it as a hosting service.

You can see a demo here:

I will appreciate for any feedback or suggestion. Also, please let me know if you want a free trial:

Thanks for your kindness!


Hi, it seems to be basic.

Can you share the roadmap for the same?

Moreover, from where I can find the detailed information on particular request. For example, in case some requests are slow, how can I figure out what was wrong / what took most of time to complete it?

I suggest you to check with New Relic profiler charts, they are really awesome! This might give you some idea.

I’m happy to have trial. Pls share more details.


Hi Krunal,

Thanks for your feedback. The Hosting MVC MiniProfiler Dashboard is currently in initial stage and will aggregate metrics in Second/Minute/Hour/etc levels. I may add storage for individual mini profiler data and let you drill down to individual request. It may take some time to finish that. In future, I also plan to support more metrics rather than Mini Profiler, and let users send different formats of data. Overall, I want the Dashboard to provide hosting services to developers to help them to display/monitor their data in real-time and also allow them to drill down different aggregation levels to do simple/quick data analysis.

New Relic is great. Thanks for mentioning that. I will take some further look at that.

You can send email to me:, and I can provide details to you on how to send data to the dashboard.