IDEA: Chrome DevTools Extension & Retrieving Current Page JSON result


Hello all,
I had an idea of creating a Chrome DevTools extension to display the results in a new DevTools tab and would love to hear thoughts on this before I dive into it as a pet project.

So the page instead of displaying the collapsed timings on the page top left or top right, would use the exact same JSON & potentially a different UI to display the same information.

So is it possible to get the current page request MiniProfiler JSON result from a public URL endpoint?

Thought is that Chrome DevTools is opened & the MiniProfiler result for the current page in the browser is run/retrieved & we get back a JSON which can be used in a custom UI that fits in with Chrome DevTools.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Warren :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s possible. Everytime a request is being profiled, the response is send with custom header named “X-Miniprofiler-Ids”. It’s an array of UUID (ex.: “c6976fa8-d4f0-49e9-a783-5dc62204c46c”]).

You can than send a POST request to /mini-profiler-resources/results with parameters this UUID as the id parameter and popup=1. The popup parameter is used by the server to send the request as in a JSON format.

If you want to play around with this, I’ve published a demo application on heroku using miniprofiler for node.js. Even though it’s using node.js as the backend, everything is same as in .Net. The public URL is Just open Chrome DevTools and take a look at the Requests tab.


Hi Warren,

Any news on your pet project?

How about going this route for Chrome Developer Tools: