Is there a reference guide to the MiniProfiler results?

I’ve run the MvcSample project and do the numbers don’t make sense. I copied the results at the bottom of this post for your reference. I wasn’t able to upload a screenshot because I am a new user.

For example:

1 - Line 1 localhost:13245/Home/Index shows it and its children took 327.9 milliseconds to run. However what took 327.9 ms? The first and only child took 167.4 ms to run and line 1 shows it took 48.5 ms to run. This doesn’t equal 327.9 ms.

2- The data shows metrics for something called a ‘redis’ what is a redis?

There is another post titled: What does MiniProfiler information mean? However nobody has answered it and it was posted back in 2012.

localhost:13245/Home/Index 48.5 327.9 +0.6

Controller: HomeController.Index 121.8 167.4 +21.8 116.4 (15!)
Set page title 5.0 5.0 +25.4

Step A  14.2  14.2  +30.4   13.6 (1)    
Step B  26.3  26.3  +44.7   20.9 (1)    5.3 (1)   

Find: Index 5.7 5.7 +190.4
Render: Index 74.6 104.2 +196.5
Some complex thinking 25.6 25.6 +201.6
rendering 4.0 4.0 +251.8

In your Line 1 example - could you show a screenshot of what you are talking about?

Redis - HomeController.cs in Sample.MVC has lines like

using (profiler.CustomTiming("redis", "SET \"mykey\" 10"))

These show off CustomTimings. Redis is not actually installed nor is it being profiled in Sample.MVC (though you could do this using CustomTimings - we do this at Stack Exchange).

I just answered the post that you referred to. Please let me know if you have more questions.