Is there any possibility to enable/disable the Miniprofiler button in UI without stopping the Miniprofiler

I have used showControls:true, startHidden:true, but it doubles up the [m | c] button on each pofiler result.

Therefore I introduced a (show/hide)button in the View page and on-click event I tried to set the ‘profile-results’ div visibility false(display:none) but the future ajax view profiler results are visible but I expect only when I click the (enable/disable) button it should be made visible.

Note: Since I am a new user I am not able to upload the screen shot here.
However my focus would to enable/disable at client side.
Assumption the MiniProfiler.Settings.Results_Authorize will bet set to true always.

Please advise, if I am missing that is already available in Miniprofiler or how to achieve this scenario.

Advance in thanks.

I have found the root cause as I was calling RendIncludes at Master page as well as child content pages. Now removing at Child page solved the problem.