.net v3.0.11 nugets released

Released new nugets for the main package, mvc4, ef5, ef6, raven and wcf. Release notes are here:

  • RequireJs support now integrated (UI#11, #47, UI#12)
  • Parameter names should mass base declaration in ActionFilterAttribute (#54)
  • New constructor for SqlServerStorage (#53) - instantiate with connection string
  • Adding more options for SqlServer sql formatting through VerboseSqlServerFormatter. More flexibility for all formatters by including the IDbCommand in the ISqlFormatter.FormatSql method (#48, #59).
  • Do not record CustomTiming (#24) or CustomLink if MiniProfiler.IsActive == false
  • Better Sql Formatting for Stored Procedures on Sql Server (#60)
  • EF6 release from beta
    • Update to EFProfiledDBProviderServices for EF6 with MySql (#63)