NHibernate, query parameters always null

I’m using MiniProfiler with NHibernate (Fluent NH + Postgres on deployment, MySQL on development machine). I’m using this “bridge” to connect MiniProfiler with NHibernate: https://gist.github.com/robertmilne/1110153

The problem is I’m not getting my query parameters. To be exact: each SqlTiming, even those with parametrized Command, has 0-length Parameters list.

Can I solve it somehow?

You might want to take that up with the authors of the NHibernate connector code. It is not something that we provide support for.

Thank you for your response. The connector is slightly modified code I’ve found somewhere on the net. Any clues why it doesn’t work?
The code: http://pastebin.com/t6wMWHuv

The SqlTiming.GetCommandParameters() function (in the version 3 code of MiniProfiler) is what is used to get the parameters. It is called down the line from profiler.ExecuteStart(instance, executeType); on line 61.

Could you set a debug breakpoint on line 61 and see if there is anything inside instance.Parameters?

Can you also make sure that you are using v3 of MiniProfiler?

Yaakov_Ellis, the instance.Parameters seems to be correct, at least the ParameterName and Value of each item seems to be correct.

I’ve been using ServiceStack’s v3 built-in MiniProfiler which I believe is fork of 2.x and also switched to the genuine nuget 2.1 version to make sure it’s not the problem with ServiceStack.
I’ll give a 3.0.10 a try and let you know here.

unfortunately I can’t put image in the post so here’s the link to the debugger screenshot http://i.imgur.com/tx58vJ0.png