404 Error for MP even with http Handler added to web.config

I have installed Umbraco v6.1.6 which uses mini profiler. The profiler works on my dev machine but will not work on the server (IIS6).

To discount my site been the issue I installed a clean install of Umbraco and tried to run the profiler but was getting the 404:


(the above is not a real domain but an example)

So i added the http handler to the httpHandlers in the web.config but still getting the issue.

I also tried adding all the mini profiler files to my deployment but i started getting other errors then (jQueryMP is not defined in includes.js)

Can i first check MP is compatible with IIS6 and secondly what do i need to check next? Stumped at the moment as cant find any other possible solutions from googling etc…


I removed the validate attribute from the web.config handler and got this message:

System.Web.Routing.UrlRoutingModule does not implement IHttpHandlerFactory or IHttpHandler

So i googled and tried changing UrlRoutingModule to UrlRoutingHandler

The IHttpHandler error went away but back came the includes.js 404! :frowning:

Sussed it!

You need to go into IIS and add a wildcard mapping. Soon as i added this i got the mini profiler. :smile:

Now to check nothing else has broken.

You can also remove the handler once the wilcard mapping is in place.

Can you say what .dll it was that you added as wildcard?
What it’s path is?
Doesn’t seem to be helping me…:frowning:


Yes it the main aspnet dll that fires for other asp.net files:


That is for a 64 bit server. You will need the 32 bit version otherwise.

Hope that helps.


3.5 build. running on 3.5 framework too.

I tried the same with the v2.0… but it didn’t help yet

Is this an IE 8 issue? In December, Chrome was said to not suffer this problem. IE 8 only?

Nope, browser irrelevant.