API/UI staging app on Heroku

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve pushed the API/UI app up to heroku so you can start hitting it with benchmark scores here: http://ruby-bench-staging.herokuapp.com. It’s on the free plan so there are limitations but I am speaking with a couple of the guys at Heroku to see if we can get some sponsored hosting for the production environment.

I’ve popped up some sample data to check that it’s all working. An example cURL request is in the readme of the app repository.

Any problems, just let me know.




FYI, I have a spare desktop here, its a bit noisy, but should do as a simple bench box. Will set it up with ubuntu x64 this week and try and get you some numbers. We need some data in the db for you to tweak the UI.

That’s really nice! I am looking for benchmark scores on cloud environment, e.g. Heroku. If you can get some sponsor from them to run tests, it will be very helpful.

Is the staging-app up to date? I just pulled the project from GitHub and it looks/behaves a little differently.
e.g “Select a runner and benchmark” (staging) vs “Select a runner” and then “Select a benchmark” (localhost).

I don’t think there has been much activity there for a while, help cleaning up is much appreciated.

@andypike - Staging slightly differs from repo, i can not figgure out which repo or version is used at staging so are you able to pull me current source (if you still have access to heroku app) of staging or just show me some direction where to find it ?

Thank you

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