Appearance takes full width

Dear all,

Firstly, thanks for an excellent product. I’ve got the miniprofiler working nicely with my website but the only issue I’m having is that when it’s rendering on the page the list of seconds is taking the full width of the page. The popup when clicking one of the items of the list seems to be rendering fine.

I’ve finally got it working by adding this to the website’s css file:

     width: 150px;

but is the correct way of doing it?

Kind regards

It seems like somehow you have some CSS that is stepping over the MiniProfiler CSS, it seems like a reasonable workaround.

However I would recommend that you find the clashing rule and fix that instead.

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the reply. I checked it on Chrome and it worked fine so it is just IE that was causing the issue. I’ve changed the document mode and browser mode on the dev tool on IE and it seems to be working correctly after changing that. So I would hazard a guess that the doctype of the page isn’t quite right. I’ll check it out and get back to you if I find anything untoward but for now I think I know what the issue is.

Thanks for your advice.

Kind regards