Chrome/Firefox timing vs Profiler timing

I would like to know why i have a different timing between what Chrome or Firefox give me and what MiniProfiler give me.

I also have tried without any database query, just a simple View and the timing is still different.

alt text

alt text

This would be server time vs client time, the time displayed in chrome is end-to-end the time in mini profiler is server time only. However if you expand it you will see the client time as well.

It’s true that the time displayed in Chrome is the time that the request took from the beginning to the end on client side. But when you expand it to see the details of the Timing, you can see that 1ms or 2ms as been used for client side and remaining time is on the Waiting time.

I have uploaded a new screenshot to show you what i got. As you can see, the Waiting time is the time that the client wait for an answer from the server.