Entity Framework, MiniProfiler and Me

Hello to the MiniProfiler community. I have been using MiniProfiler for several months to help improve the performance of ASP.NET MVC applications which utilize the Entity Framework ORM.

In upgrading to the most current version of MiniProfiler, I discovered an issue with creating a ProfiledContext. I determined what was happening, and submitted a pull request, which Sam implemented. Sam also asked if I would support the EF code. I agreed. Just a warning that this is my first foray into OSS, so please be gentle when I screw up.

I promise to add a topic to the Knowledge Base within the next few days, discussing how best to use MiniProfiler in a project utilizing EF.


Thanks heaps, do you have a twitter account we can ping you on?


As I like consistency, my Twitter handle is @counsellorben. :wink:


Not to be nagging, but how is that KB article going?