jQuery Conficts

I have been using the mini-profiler for over a year in my MVC 4 project. But I have a problem with jquery because I am using 2.x in my project and the profiler is 1.x. I have tried both the stable and the prerelease version, but still have issues when using knockout templates with the miniprofiler.

Specifically I am using one of the knockout-bootstrap popover binders where you can define a template. In the initial knockout binding for the popover, there is an added function to jquery called outerHtml. When using the miniprofiler, then this function throws an exception saying the function does not exist. I am blaming this on a jquery confict, but maybe I am thinking about this wrong.

Any ideas appreciated.

Ignore this problem, but I will leave it up here so other people having issues looking like miniprofiler issues that are really their own.

In my case it had to do with MVC sections not being defined correctly and obviously causing it to look like a jquery issue, when it had nothing to do with it. Weird.