Not working for me in rails


Howdy guys,

I’m trying to profile a dog slow rails application that came to my shop and am having an issue getting rails-mini-profiler to run in my development environment.

I have added the gem to my gemfile at bottom per instructions and see it at the top in the middleware call, and even see the html in the page output…

But there is no data in the profile results div, I see no async ajax calls being made at all, no errors anywhere…etc…

  • Rails v3.2.14
  • Ruby v1.9.3p392
  • rack-mini-profiler v0.1.31

We are using mysql if that matters…

This is my first time to use rack-mini-profiler so I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong… haha but not sure what it is…

I’ve cleared cache, tried different browsers… etc…

Are there any known JS or gem conflicts I should be aware of? How do I get this thing running?



This sounds very odd to me.

What does bundle exec rack middleware return? Have you tried against master?