Nothing Showing Up - Rails 3.1.6, Ruby 1.9.2p321

Like the commenter here, I don’t see the profiler on the left after including the gem in my Gemfile.

Rails 3.1.6
Ruby 1.9.2p321
Rack 1.3.6


I’ve got the same problem. I didn’t see any errors in either log or JS console or any non-application related requests in browser network log.

It’s interesting to note that when I add ?pp=help I see the instruction screen (as expected). The Rack::MiniProfiler is the first middleware in chain (again, as expected).

Using Rails 3.2.6, Ruby 1.9.3p194, Rack 1.4.1

could this be a caching thing, can you try dumping your cache, is chrome network tab showing anything

I dumped my cache, still nothing. The network tab doesn’t show anything related to mini profiler.

My Gemfile.lock is here:

Also, when I add pp=help, I don’t see the instruction screen.

Can you see it in your middleware? Try running rack middleware what is the output?

It’s completely working now. I guess I had to manually add it to I really, really appreciate your taking the time to try to help me solve this!

Another issue that came up really recently was a huge response header size causing the entire app to fail to load in Chrome: The X-MiniProfiler-Ids portion of the header was very very large.

May be similar to:

Every refresh generated more information, so in the end, my response header was very, very big.

I’m on the same project as Damir. I should note that our project is on Postgres, in case that makes a difference.

can you include your Gemfile.lock, I suspect it may be cause of an old Rack version

so the deadlocks stopped? they should not be happen, rack lock has som funny semantics about releasing its lock so I may have missed an edge case in an older rack gem

keep in mind the rail tie should have hooked this up

we NEED a sane limit for these header, can you raise a new one on it

Not sure what you meant?

I mean that it should be impossible to have a crazy number of unviewed ids in the header.