Parsing rack-mini-profiler results


I’m using redis provider to store the profiling results. When I Launch the rails app from the console, I’m able to see the results generated in the redis server. Below are the keys from the redis server:

  1. “session:tables:994ad03b950473a29a85873ba8f5b98d”
  2. “MPRedisStore-”
  3. “session:tables:af2ae0e8c789de40ea1b442e1032a42d”
  4. “session:tables:570a16bab0af283bebd0b61171f76f4f”
  5. “session:tables:3a56f5a880f22ed0eece17bbc1f0e7ef”
  6. “MPRedisStoreta6zrcsqgxppa36m08uv”
  7. “session:tables:ed28fe1c4ce34df809c79ab2ca354605”
  8. “MPRedisStored3d1piy0b292rs2eengn”
  9. “MPRedisStorejaphff1foqskyqvn2x6r”

However, when I try to deserialize the data using: Marshal.load(redis.get(“MPRedisStorejaphff1foqskyqvn2x6r”)). I get an error as
Traceback (most recent call last):

    3: from /usr/local/bin/irb:11:in `<main>'
    2: from (irb):15 
    1: from (irb):15:in `load'

ArgumentError (undefined class/module Rack::

Is this the right way to do? I’m not able to figure out how to use the Marshal.load.



Have you added rack mini profiler to the bundle of the program running the deserializer?


The gem was not added previously. I have added it now and it is working fine.

Thank you Sam.