SqlException on EF 5 w/ .NET 4.5

I get an SqlException saying that the column ‘CreatedOn’ is not found on the __MigrationHistory table. EF appears to swallow that exception, but if I enable MiniProfiler it propagates to my code and I can’t even catch it!

If I comment this line MiniProfilerEF.Initialize(), disabling EF profiling, I don’t get the exception.

I experience the same difficulties. Any update on this problem now?

Any update on this? Will the profiler support EF5?

This is still happening now (just installed current NuGet package). I am working around it by altering the __migrationhistory table:

alter table __migrationhistory
add CreatedOn datetime not null default getdate()

However, I am not so sure that it will work on the long run.