WebForms example app refers to non-existant file in another project

The WebForms example code refers to a file location in another project. This is from the InitProfilerSettings() of the Global.asax.cs file.

MiniProfiler.Settings.Storage = new SampleWeb.Helpers.SqliteMiniProfilerStorage(SampleWeb.MvcApplication.ConnectionString);

I went into the Sample MVC app, and in there the connection string is generated by:

get { return "Data Source = " + HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/TestMiniProfiler.sqlite"); }

I see the MVC project has a reference to this .sqlite file, however, it has a yellow triangle indicating the file is missing. I checked the file system, and it was not present there.

are you having any issues? it creates this file on first run. perhaps there is a cross dependency with the mvc sample?

I’m not running mvc3, I’m running the WebForms. When I moved the database reference to point to the local directory (rather than outside of its own directory) it worked. I don’t think it’s good form to have one project reference a database located in a completely different folder structure (as perms are different)