Include user in the list and details... and custom templates


I really like this tool, but I would like to see directly the name of the user on the results list and on a result profile details page.

I find in the code what I need to change to get these information, but I don’t want to create my own version just to get these changes.

For the result list, change the js isn’t enough because the results-list method which returns information about the profiles in JSON format doesn’t include the user. I don’t think is a big traffic overload to add all the short data about the profiles.

For the result detail page, the user name is in the data on the page, but the includes.tmpl doesn’t use this field to display it.

Why not develop a feature to add the capability of the user to create their own .tmpl files without recompile? A simple solution would be to add a settings where the user can set the path of the custom tmpl files folder, and if this setting is set and the requested tmpl file exists too, the custom file would be use, otherwise the standard embedded resource would be use.



I discoverd I can create a branch and do a pull request after.

I will do the updates especially for the custom templates feature, and I hope my changes will be merges in the master branch after.

If you have ideas about this new feature, feel free to answer in this topic.

I do the changes.

The pull request is here:

Don’t hesitate to send me your comments or ideas.