MiniProfiler unusable with Visual Basic

Hi all,

First of all this applies to to the 3.5 version, i have not tested with the main version

Visual basic does not allow for two function with the same that differ only by optional parameters.
If the code is written in vb it won;t compile and if it is in a library then you cannot call either of the two overloads, with the error “function name” is ambiguous because multiple kinds of members with this name in class ‘class name’

This means that you cannot call RenderIncludes or RenderIncludesAsString from a project, as they are both 0 argument functions with differing number of optional parameters

This issue may exist elsewhere in the code, if i find any more cases where this occurs i will let you know

can you guys either: get ride of the 0 argument version or make one of the optional arguments not-optional

see for more info on the optional arguments issue
I am using .net 3.5 in VS2010 Ultimate


This issue should be fixed in the v3 nuget. Please see this issue.