SQL in the wrong places

I have a step with 3 SQL calls at most. I loaded the page to find the profiler showing 16 sql queries for that step. Checking the details I saw SQL statements which are definitely not connected to that step - rather to another page I loaded in a parallel tab in the browser. As a matter of fact, this page seems to have stolen a few more profiler records from the page running in the next tab. (Google Chrome 31)

Something similar happened when a step with no code, only Thread.Sleep(100); showed SQL when I loaded only that page (couldn’t later reproduce).


It’s actually a nice feature. I have a page with a repeated AJAX call. at some point the data from page load drops out of profiler results and only the AJAX calls appear. This way I can load another profiled page in a different tab and have the results kept there.
I’m aware this can be disabled - I saw a pull request to that effect. Just couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Can you please try this with the new -beta nugets that have been released and see if it is still an issue?