Request not found - With Unicorn

I’m running a Rails 3.2.15 app with unicorn. I want to use rack-mini-profiler both in production and development.

I’m hosting the app on Heroku. My Procfile for Heroku looks like this:

# Procfile
web: bundle exec unicorn -p $PORT -c ./config/unicorn.rb

In dev I run my setup with

bundle exec foreman start -f

Where is

web: thin -R -p 3000 -t 60 start
db: postgres -D ../postgresql
memcache: memcached -p 11211

In development I have no problems with rack-mini-profiler but in production I get a Request not found-error.

Request not found

I have the following in my mini_profiler.rb-initializer: = Rack::MiniProfiler::MemoryStore
Rack::MiniProfiler.config.position = 'right'

Rack::MiniProfiler.config.user_provider ={ |env|
  if env["HTTP_COOKIE"].present? and env["HTTP_COOKIE"].match(/administrator_credentials=([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/).present?

if Rails.env.production? = Rack::MiniProfiler::MemcacheStore
  Rack::MiniProfiler.config.storage_options = {:client =>}

Am I doing something wrong - or is rack-mini-profiler not working with together with unicorn?

To me this feels like a storage issue, have you tried the other storage providers (redis or local) does the problem exist there as well?