Share button is broken in the Ruby version


The share link currently takes you to a page full of gibberish, it should provide a page you can share with the team.


Hey I looked into this a little bit. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the C# version, but:

  • It looks like when you hit the share button, it makes a request to results?id=something which is the same endpoint that the MP hits up to get the page loading results. However, MP gets the results in JSON.

  • I assume we’re supposed to serve a non-JSON version when a user hits it up, ie, not through an AJAX request? Is there a template or page I can look at to see how it should look? Is the template included in the source somewhere?



I think you mean if it’s not ajax right? I’ll try it out!


Okay, I think I got it working! Check out and let me know what you think.


Confirmed, this is working fine


I am just trying this out, ruby version 0.1.7 and sharing isn’t working for me. I get this message telling me the templates aren’t there:

/Users/dave/.rvm/gems/[email protected]/gems/rack-mini-profiler-0.1.7/lib/html/share.html

There are a bunch of other html / js files there, but not that one. Is the gem I have broken? (from rubygems) Or is this something I’m supposed to come up with and add? Or should I be pulling from git for the gem?

Sorry. Just confused. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I regressed this, fixed in 0.1.8